Belconnen, Canberra, ACT 2014

Dawne Fahey

Dawne Fahey was born in Melbourne and lives in Sydney. Fahey is a practising visual artist, and a part time PhD research student at Western Sydney University - School of Humanities and Communication Arts. The focus of her research is on the use of historical and experimental photographic processes and practice, and auto-ethnography as a means for visualising empathy.

Fahey's work highlights an intense curiosity between self and other, in an exploration of the intersection between landscape, cultural immersion, identity, memory, consciousness, personal meanings and sensibility. Fahey seeks to find emotional depth in ordinary events and everyday objects, and the extraordinary in the landscape that surrounds her. In doing so, Fahey's photographs make sense of her felt experience of the world.


Fragile 2017

TAP Gallery

1953 Series 2017

ESD Gallery / Head On Photo Festival