About Arthere

Sandy Edwards Creative Producer Arthere

Arthere was founded in 2008 in response to a need for mentoring services for photoartists. The goal was to exhibit work. The pathway was to develop projects, edit work, understand the importance of presentation and contemporary gallery practices - in short, complete training to negotiate the art world.

Sandy Edwards conceived Arthere based on thirty years of experience curating photographic exhibitions. Initially she worked as a professional photographer (for fifteen years). She then worked at Stills Gallery (for twenty six years), the foremost photographic gallery in Australia (closed July 2017).

Arthere’s mission is to guide photoartists providing consultation, mentoring, exhibition production and curation advice and to create a new showcase for quality photographic artwork in Australia. Arthere artists are assisted to hold solo or group exhibitions in gallery spaces appropriate to the nature and quality of their work.

Ten years in operation has yielded a fine and distinguished group of photoartists of high calibre who form a collective under the Arthere umbrella. Most are Sydney independent photoartists. Some are represented by galleries which is a primary goal for artists.  In recent times the art world has faced many challenges and this has fostered new models. Arthere represents one such new gallery model.

Arthere represents excellence in photoart, an independent position in the artworld and an opportunity for artists to produce exciting contemporary photo visions, through ideas and technology, with high level support.

Arthere is proud of its association with invaluable professionals Bruce Nicholson of Nicholson Design, Cassie French of Pop Up Publicity and Lisa Sharkey Installation.

Arthere sells artists works on their behalf with a low commission. All works on the website are for sale. If you are interested in details please email sandy@arthere.com.au