Lili Almog The Space Within

Drawing Room 55_7532-1.jpeg

Martin Browne Contemporary Head On Festival 2017

Israeli born photographer Lili Almog (New York) is renowned for her intimate spiritual portraits of women of different cultural identities around the world. 

She has exhibited widely with solo shows at international venues including The Tel Aviv museum of Art, Israel, Prague House of Photography, Czech Republic, Photographers Place, UK and The Alternative Museum, New York.

Her latest series The Space Within has been brought to Sydney by Arthere for Head On Photo Festival and will exhibit at Martin Browne Contemporary Gallery in Paddington. The Space Within is a Head On Featured Exhibition and is a world premiere.

The veiling of women plays a pivotal role in all major religious and social systems across a wide range of cultures. This series visually explores the impact of veiling on the identity of women in contemporary cultures.

Veiling can be interpreted as social control by religious communities or be embraced by women in Moslem cultures as a positive choice. This intersection of beliefs found within western cities and cultures can be confronting to strongly held belief systems such as feminism.

In Lili Almog’s strikingly poetic images the veiled woman appears mysterious and beautiful amidst the context of an artist’s studio creating a strong metaphor about the depiction of women by artists historically, in this case by a woman artist.