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Asher Milgate

Asher Milgate is a fiercely proud man from Wellington in the central west of NSW. He moved to Sydney to pursue an abstract photographic career in 2007.

After a meeting with Sandy Edwards in late 2009 he found his way back home.

Milgate continued his connection with the local Aboriginal people of his hometown the Binjang clan of the Wiradjuri nation where he spoke to the elders. What he discovered was a rich tapestry of identity, dignity, unity, struggle, separation and loss.

From these deeply moving experiences Asher now finds himself exploring the nature of the ‘Australian’ landscape through a political, physical and spiritual sphere. Paying great attention to First Australians and their significant story that represents an important Australian identity.

Milgate continues to collaborate with people and community, nurturing the importance of partnership that has become his genuine style of story telling. Using oral history, film, sound scapes, abstraction and installation.

Milgate describes his work as being “a vessel for people to tell their own story“.

Passion is what drives his work.


A Point in Time (Video) 2018

Sydney Contemporary 2018

The Cooks River Aboriginal Oral History Exhibition 2018

107 Projects

Survivors 2015

Western Plains Cultural Centre