Berylouise Mitchell It's Time to Remember

(c) Berylouise_Its Time to Remember_8_Watching the March on Anzac Day III.jpg

Blue Hotel Woolloomooloo Wharf 2015

A photo essay on the Anzac Day March, and timed to commemorate the centenary of the ANZAC landing at Gallipoli.  I was inspired by a poignant floral tribute from a stranger, with the words “We wish we’d known you grandpa” left at the cenotaph during my local Anzac Day service in Ashfield.  It reminded me of my own relatives who’d fought for Australia from the Boer War to Vietnam.

I didn’t know either of my grandfathers, who both served and were wounded in WWI, and were profoundly affected by their service.  The exhibition was dedicated to them and was a fundraiser for Legacy