Digby Duncan Outside In

Digby Duncan_ Outside-In series _White st 2 .jpg

Exhibited in October Unseen 10 x 8 Gallery 2014 and Coterie Danks St Gallery 2016                                 

These photographs from my Outside-In series focus on ordinary domestic moments in peoples lives. Framed by a window or doorway we are aware of being outside in the darkness looking in. These images are reminiscent of Edward Hopper paintings. They invite us in yet exclude us. The surrounding darkness unsettles us as we experience our exclusion from that interior warmth, that intimacy, that relationship, that private moment, that sense of security. 

Outside-In continues my observations of night life, begun with my After Dark series (2011) of Feijiacun village on the outskirts of Beijing. In this latest series I explore further micro narratives that only exist at night.