Luke Hardy Dragonfly

Luke Hardy untitled 2002-2009 [dragonfly II].jpg

2011 Meyer gallery

…Nor should I fear to enter upon the condition of a dragonfly

I should then have to hunt a great deal …
But even dragonflies, after the fierce joy of the chase, can indulge themselves in solitary meditation

Besides, what wings would then be mine!  -- and what eyes!
Koizumi Yakumo (Lafcadio Hearn)
Kottō 1902

These works feature a yabusamē archer who wears on his bow-sleeve the gold-threaded motif of a dragonfly. They reflect a preoccupation I have with ways in which people invoke the bestial in pursuit of the divine, and vice versa. The dragonfly, focused and tenacious, is the key to the archer’s immersion in his art.