Belconnen, Canberra, ACT 2014

Julie Williams

Julie Williams lives and works on the western edge of the Blue Mountains in NSW. This region rich in natural history and an ancient indigenous culture is also pitted with the ruins and detritus from the colonial and more recent industrial eras and is a longstanding mining community. Civilisation literally confronts the wilderness and this dichotomy within Williams’ homeland is at the core of her art practice. 

Williams addresses our vulnerability as a species disconnected from nature; disconnected from ourselves. Across photography and video she utilises self portraiture; immersing herself within the landscape to highlight the search for reconnection. The camera lens is her eye as it passes over the land uncovering and rediscovering old places: white lines of sunlight on water become written language; birdsong morphs into human chanting; and the mountains and caves resonate with the depths of time. When the artist appears in the imagery, it is as a translucent figure displaced and searching. Her work queries the spirit of place and how humanity can inhabit a location more fully.     

Williams graduated from the City Art Institute in Sydney in 1985 and has exhibited widely: receiving commendations in national art awards, artist grants and private sponsorship.

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