Sally McInerney To the Islands


Barometer Gallery 2019
Opening Tuesday 22nd October 2019

 “We are all islands in the beginning, floating in fluid, yet to be born.”

Following her successful exhibition Nauru Diary in 2015, Sally McInerney presents a new exhibition, To The Islands, based on her recent travels to islands, with a thoughtful investigation of the nature of island life through superb colour photographs.

As children we are attracted to the idea of islands as miniature self-contained worlds. This evolves in adulthood to escapist views of an island experience far from everyday cares. South Pacific holiday brochures promote visions of ‘paradise’ where the sands are pristine white, the waters azure, sapphire, turquoise or aquamarine, while the native-born islanders are conspicuous when presenting flowery garlands, gala feasts and traditional performances.

What is distinct about belonging to a small island community? A billboard in the holiday destination of Efate Island in the Pacific Ocean proclaims ‘Many call it paradise, we call it home’.

Of all the South Pacific island communities, Nauru has the highest proportion of citizens who live on their native land. Mathew Batsiua, who with his wife runs a modest B&B on Nauru, says, “Nauruans are like homing pigeons, we leave and get an education or whatever - but we come back home. This is where our heart is.”

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