Rosalie Nilson

Rosalie Nilson was born in Melbourne, but has long since called Sydney home.

Her photographic journey started 12 years ago with a point and shoot camera. Following several years in the camera club circuit, she further developed her art by attending photographic workshops held by: Stephen Dupont, Alex and Rebecca Norris Webb, Ed Kashi, Benjamin Lowy, David Allen Harvey, Jesse Marlow and Paul McDonald.


The Contretemps 2015

Unforeseen Janet Clayton Gallery

This narrative is an homage to the mocumentary genre. Shot in Paris with the assistance of an intrigued bystander, communication was fraught with difficulty due to my basic French conversational skills.

The Half Truth

This is a commentary on the fragility of the human psyche, the spectre of which floats unseen throughout the community.

Berlin Calling 2012

Mobile Phone Exhibition in Berlin Germany

This series was a successful entrant in an iPhone photography competition, which staged in venues around the city of Berlin in 2012.

Galleries Inc

There is always a frisson of excitement when stepping through the entrances of major art galleries. While they represent repositories of culture, history, and human endeavour, it is equally fascinating to witness the experience of visitors pondering the art within.  This sequence is part of a larger series shot in galleries in Sydney, Melbourne, France and Tokyo.