Chris Round Evidence

Kintamani, Bali.jpg

Arthere Exhibition Space 2012

This series of images is an exploration of anthropogenic, post-natural landscapes - the constant state of flux that exists around us. In essence, I discover places I never knew existed and document evidence of surreal relationships between humans and their natural and man-made surroundings. 

There is evidence of extreme alteration of the land, co-existence with nature, subversion of man-made environments and of nature’s retaliation. 

The question can be asked - what is natural? Is it natural for humans to shape their surroundings? Is a pile of unearthed coal natural? Is a playground natural? This exhibition portrays all these aspects of the world as natural. 

It was important to evaluate each scene without pre-conception, documenting with impartiality. I studied the evidence before me without drawing conclusions as to what has been, or what is to come.