Sarah Ducker Gratitude

Barometer Gallery 2017

The soul wants to walk in that
cleansing air and not come back

When I was in Byron Bay I saw these wondrous creations on the beach made by crabs, silt and algae. I had to act quickly.  The morning joggers, oblivious to their beauty, were trampling all over them. It was a clear metaphor for the cavalier destruction we wreak on the environment as well as the temporary, impermanent nature of things.

In nature, I descend into a quiet place where all activity ceases. I spend time in the landscape, in the light and dark, silence and sound. 

I hope that my photographs can transport you into that space and elicit a desire to enter the landscape, to reside quietly with nature to experience the here and now, the passage of time and the ephemeral nature of all around us.