Julie Williams featured in The Dark Mountain Project’s latest anthology / by Sandy Edwards

Julie Williams Deuce.png

Julie Williams’ new photographic diptych Deuce has been featured in the 13th book launched by The Dark Mountain Project, titled Being Human in the Thick of the Present. What links the works of the contributing international artists, writers and thinkers in this edition is their willingness to explore what ‘being human’ might mean in an age of rapid social and ecological change, with cultural responses reflecting this reality rather than denying it.  

Deuce is an image from a new body of still photography and video work currently in progress, with Julie utilising self portraiture to examine the downward spiral of the human spirit. The diptych suggests a duality of defeat and triumph within the artist’s struggle to inhabit her homeland, an Australian coal mining community.

Deuce was also a 2017 finalist in the Olive Cotton Award for Photographic Portraiture and the Fishers Ghost Art Award.