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Sarah Ducker

Sarah Ducker’s creative life has evolved through different media, from theatre direction to documentary film-making, before finding its most eloquent expression in photography.

Originally completing her high school studies in London, she returned to Australia to study film and television at UTS and went on to complete a post graduate degree in theatre directing at NID

A visit to the desert near Broken Hill inspired Ducker’s first photographic exhibition. The photographs captured small moments of life on the ground and the ephemeral beauty of the natural world, a theme that has become the core motif of her work.

After spending some weeks at an Artistic Residency in the New Zealand alps, Ducker held her second photographic exhibition Fragility in 2016. The images approach abstraction through minimalist composition, initing a feeling of serenity and contemplation.

In her next  exhibition, Gratitude in 2017 Ducker once again immersed herself in the fragile abstracted repetitions and expressions of the natural world, this time in sand.

Regardless of subject matter, Ducker’s photography reflects the pure charisma of nature through a refined and sensitive eye. Her interest in the exploration of beauty and how it can make us feel, is reflected in photographic simplicity and harmony. Every image is invested with the lyricism of fleeting organic language. Jean-Pierre Siméon’s observation that “a poem is where you hear the heartbeat of a stone” is reversed in Ducker’s imagery. Whether she turns her eye to mountains, the desert or the coastline, a stone is where you see the heartbeat of a poem.


Gratitude 2017

Barometer Gallery

Fragility 2016

Barometer Gallery