Nancy Trieu Parlez-vous Absinthe?


7 Weeks 7 Artists Barometer Gallery 2016

The collection “Parlez-Vous Absinthe?” provides a window into the secluded darker aspects of the individual. Externally, we are expected to be flawless, with no vices or otherwise unsavoury aspects to our personalities. However, every individual has their secrets, and these secrets are known only to a select trusted few in their inner circle of confidants. The concept of these hidden secrets is represented through the use of darker lighting, the prohibition era speakeasy mise-en-scene and the neo-Victorian couture donned by the models. Despite being close to their confidants, there is still an air of unease in these photographs, denoting the necessity of apprehension in completely letting one’s guard down, as the only person one can fully trust is themselves.