Belconnen, Canberra, ACT 2014

Nancy Trieu

Nancy Trieu is an Australian-born creative art director specialising in photography. She creates images that are aesthetically pleasing yet which delve into the ideas of complex human emotions in relation to our social conditions and our inner-selves. This is achieved through creating hyper real worlds by using and controlling light. Thus the images have layers of subtle references and unexpected interpretations of core cultural historical beliefs. Her work enables a range of different identifications and distinctive visual subtleties. Her work focuses on empowerment, strength and discovery but also delve into the other aspects that challenges us like our dark emotions and the vices. 

'Lighting is the biggest aspect to any image.                                                                                                   We are all shaped by lighting, it creates the unique outlines of everything.'                                                    

Trieu's work as a photographer requires a highly developed use of studio lighting fundamentals and creating, working with ambient natural light on her sets. She stages and creates all her photographs which includes directing models, sourcing and styling costumes/ outfits, makeup and hair and many other finer details to get the shot. She has employed these skills in the series Virtuous Decadence (exhibited in 2015) and two part series, The Making of an Empress and Parlez-vous Absinthe exhibited in 2016. The models in each of the series are uniquely selected to enact and give us these familiar characteristics within our own human natures. 

'But in the end it is all about the team. Without any belief, trust and vision none of this will have ever existed. For that I am grateful.'                                                                                                                          

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The Making Of An Empress 2016

7 Weeks 7 Artists Barometer Gallery

Parlez-vous Absinthe? 2016

7 Weeks 7 Artists Barometer Gallery

Virtuous Decadence 2015

GAFFA Gallery