Nancy Trieu Making of an Empress

Making of an Empress 8.jpg

7 Weeks 7 Artists Barometer Gallery 2016

Leaders are made not born. She is not afraid to do things herself even when her subjects try to oppose. It is the way she holds her head up, even in situations that many crumble that makes her shine. But like all adversities she will always conquer and be victorious.

The Making of an Empress inspects the individual need for empowerment, attained through belief in oneself. The figure is one of pure confidence, she exudes not only a belief in herself, but demands the attention and respect of those who are lucky enough to be in her presence.

The collection is inspired by an avant-garde examination of the paradigms of romanticism, emphasising the significance of the individual’s authenticity and sincerity to themselves in all aspects of their lives, but especially in regard to their personal goals.