Nancy Trieu Virtuous Decadence

Virtuous Decadence 1.jpg

GAFFA Gallery 2015

I strive to create images that are aesthetically pleasing yet which delve into complex human emotions within our social condition. In these worlds female characters express different emotions ranging from the vulnerable to the empowering. Inspired and influenced by history, primarily Dante's Inferno and the many modernisations of The Seven Deadly Sins, I created glamorous enactments of these ideologies and well known myths by re-visioning them. ‘Virtuous Decadence’ explores the duality of sin and virtue in an evocative collection of artworks that question and challenge societal models of femininity and beauty.

My work as a photographer requires a highly developed use of studio lighting and the staging of photographs, including directing models, sourcing and styling costumes and makeup. I have employed these skills in the series Virtuous Decadence. The models in the series are uniquely selected to enact these familiar characteristics within our human natures.