Lynn Smith  Night Wolf

Lynn Smith Night Wolf

Lynn Smith

In the research paper he submitted for a Master of Arts degree Lynn deduced that his style of work grew out of the interaction between two established genres in the art world. The history of street photography
and film noir cinema shows that these art forms frequently overlapped and intersected and it is Smith's contention that this dialectal relationship gave rise to a fresh genre in still photography which he calls Street Noir. Smith only photographs at night, on big city streets that are devoid of people. The objects he depicts are never new. All bear signs of, usually serious but sometimes frivolous, use. They offer evidence of human habitation and human activity and are therefore refractions of who we are and how we live in our beloved cities. Smith treats light as the hero in his cinematic tableaux.

Lynn Smith holds two Masters degrees from Sydney College of the Arts: Master of Documentary Photography by coursework (2009) and Master of Fine Arts by research (2012). He is an experienced teacher of street photography previously for the Centre of Continuing Education, University of Sydney and soon at the Australian Centre for Photography. Smith has participated in a number of major shows in Sydney over the past 10 years: both as a solo artist and in group shows. His work is held by collectors in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland.


A Beautiful Anxiety 2016

Photo Access Canberra

Coterie 2016

Danks Street Gallery

Lost in Place 2014

Damien Minton Gallery

October Unseen 2014

10x8 Gallery

Longing and the City 2012

ArtHere Exhibition Space

Nexus 2010

Global Gallery